My name is Vesna Medic. Studied economics and business in Zagreb but never worked in that profession. Instead, I worked as Software quality assurance engineer. If you are wondering what that is, I was in-charge of testing software applications and assuring apps are safe for end users.

But, my true love is art and creating anything with my own hands. That's how I fell in love with pottery. When I first started working on pottery wheel I felt like hypnotized, and couldn't wait for my next pottery class.

Very soon I bought my own wheel and started experimenting with clay. Ever since then, I can't stop working with clay.

Inspiration for Pine pottery comes from our Mediterranean nature with vivid colors and wavy shapes. Since I am a born islander from Hvar island, it seems natural to me.

I mostly work with stoneware clay. Each peace goes through my hands for at least seven times. My ceramic pieces are mostly decorated using sgraffito technique. Sgraffito is made by painting few layers of color, then scraping the color to show the desired design.

All of my ceramics is high fired to 1230 degrees Celsius. 

I hope you will enjoy my pieces :)

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